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Are you excited to put your knowledge into practice with your bold ideas? Do you want to have the chance to work on real IoT projects? If you want to make a difference in the world, Borda Academy is a place for you.

We are inviting you to 12-week summer internship and new graduate training program that you will have a chance to get comprehensive training on IoT technologies, benefit from the mentoring of experienced engineers, get into R&D project development and improve yourself.

Borda Academy aims to spread the knowledge all around the world. All we have a primitive technology compared to future innovation. Let’s build the future of innovation through technology together.

Program 2024

1 July - 20 September

Program 2024

1 July - 20 September


Software - Embedded Software - Software Test - Product / Digital Product Design - Project Management / IoT in Healthcare - Algorithm

Explore the edges of the Flutter

Reinvent the Web with React

Database Management Systems

Object-Oriented Programming

Software Architecture Patterns

RF Communication Basics

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth 5.0 + 5.1




Physical Communication Protocols

Real-Time Operating Systems

Compiler & Linker

Microprocessor Architectures

Advanced C - Myths about Embedded C

Embedded Linux

Hardware Testing Methodologies

Low Power Programming for Battery Powered Devices


Test Methodologies

API Test Automation

UI Test Automation

Product Lifecycle Management

User Experience 101

What is the Digital Product Design Process?

Duties of Product Designers in the Digital Product Design Process

UX/UI Best Practices for Beginners

The Standard for Project Management & PMBOK Guide 7th Edition

Project Management Methodologies

Predictive Project Management Methods used in Borda Technology

Adaptive Project Management Methods used in Borda Technology

Hybrid Project Management Methods used in Borda Technology

Internal Projects in Borda Technology

Borda Products

Project Test and Implementation Phase in Customer Projects

BI Tools used in Project Management Processes

Customer Projects: A Case Study


Optimized Coding with C++ and Eigen

Bayesian Filtering

Software Development Cycle

Product Development Life Cycle

RF Communication

Software Analysis

Borda Products

Software Quality Assurance

Design Thinking

The Standard for Project Management

Project Management Methodologies

Principles Behind the Agile

Healthcare Information and Management Systems


My internship at Borda Academy '23 was an incredible learning opportunity. I gained significant knowledge about company culture, planning, and communication. Working on real projects and applying what I learned during training made me feel like I was running my own small company. I'm thankful to Borda Technology for their guidance and to my fellow Borda Academy '23 members for the great journey.

2023, Izmir- Burak Koç TED University, Computer Engineering

My journey in the Borda Academy program was both technically demanding and pleasant, with friendships establishing as an important part of the journey. The training experience provided me with significant skills such as learning a new message queue tool and understanding its practical application, as well as giving light on the complexities of product creation as a collective effort. Borda Academy also aided my development in cooperation, communication, problem-solving, and agile project development dynamics, stressing interactions with multiple roles, documentation generation, feedback reception, and flexibility. The camaraderie among classmates and the interesting chats on Discord, which fuelled our motivation with shared humor, were what I found most pleasurable and enlightening during my time at Borda Academy.

2023, Izmir- Ata Can Yaymacı Dokuz Eylül University, Computer Engineering

My journey to Borda Academy offered me the opportunity to gain important information on company culture, planning, and communication. Working on real projects and applying my training felt like I was running my own small company, and making friends along the way was an integral part of the experience. The training process provided important skills such as understanding and practical application. It also contributed to my development in collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and agile project development dynamics. Solidarity with my teammates and interesting conversations on platforms such as Discord were the elements that fed our motivation with shared humor and enriched my experience the most. I am grateful to Borda Technology for their guidance and to my Borda Academy '23 friends for this wonderful journey. In summary, the Academy was an intense yet enjoyable educational experience that offered insights into the dynamics of team project development.

2023, Istanbul- Saime Doğan Marmara University, Faculty of Engineering, Bioengineering

I have not only improved myself in the field I wanted to develop but also enhanced my soft skills during the process. The journey was highly productive and enjoyable.

2023, Istanbul - Nurselam Sayan Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Management Information Systems

Borda Academy provided me with an inspiring internship experience. Taught me about the company culture, planning, and, most importantly, communication. Managing a project along with what we have learned from the training and as a Borda Academy acting as if it were our own small company added a lot to me.  I want to thank Borda technology, which responds when I'm curious about something and eager to teach everything and the Borda Academy'22 members for walking alongside me on this journey.

2022, Istanbul - Asya Çora Acıbadem University, Medical Engineering & Computer Engineering

Borda academy is a great opportunity that combines learning with fun. Everyone in Borda is very positive and welcoming. We were encouraged to ask questions and get advice from employees at any time. It was clear that Borda wanted to ensure that we got the best out of this experience. Working as a team and communicating with each academy member developed our soft skills. If you want to improve yourself in a fun environment, this is how to spend your summer. Thanks to everyone. It was great to be part of Borda.

2022, Istanbul- Ömer Sakkar Kırıkkale University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

At Borda Academy, we worked like a start-up; it was an excellent experience. We had to deliver a product on a specific timeline for the academy project. We had to satisfy the customer and coordinate with the other teams for a perfect product. Seeing what it is like to work with different departments was a significant improvement in my personal progress.

2022, Istanbul - Anıl Ahmet Çırak İstanbul University, Astronomy and Space Science

I want to convey my sincerest gratitude to everyone in Borda for providing this opportunity to be a part of a team and develop a product from ground zero. I gained invaluable experience from my teammates and the Borda during Borda Academy. Working on unique and innovative products following Borda's company vision throughout the Borda Academy gave me valuable insights into the new technological advances.

2022, Istanbul - Bora Meral İzmir Institute of Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering

I had the chance to use all the information I learned in my education throughout the academy, and at the same time, I learned a lot of new things. It was a fascinating experience to experience teamwork and all the steps of a software project from start to finish in industry 4.0 standards. Thank you very much to Borda for providing all these possibilities.

2022, Izmir - Bahtiyar Karakoç Karamanoglu Mehmetbey University, Computer Engineering

As interns from various departments; with the training we had in the first month, we aimed to deliver a product that helps to maintain a healthy COVID-19 office environment. In the project phase, we were working like we were a company and it taught me how things work in business life. Also, I had a chance to learn and practice many different technologies used in the field. Even though, due to the pandemic, we had to work remotely; I’ve learned a lot, built valuable friendships, and most importantly had so much fun. I appreciate all the effort put into the Academy. I can undoubtedly say that it was a milestone in my career and I feel lucky continuing to work as a part-time software engineer at Borda.

2020, Istanbul - Atahan Aksoy Computer Engineering, Koc University

Borda Academy has been a significant step in my personal and academic improvement. First of all, since this is my first internship, I was very excited, and I never lost this excitement during the internship. Borda Academy offered us a lot of training from different areas. It allowed us to work with our colleagues and various departments in the project part. As a Project management intern, I gained experience in soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and organization. And for the first time, I had the opportunity to witness every stage of a project, from the planning stage to the product finalization. I loved the idea of being a part of the Borda family; I appreciate them for providing an excellent opportunity to educate enthusiastic students who want to improve themselves with their own company culture.

2021, Istanbul - Eda Aktaş Medical Engineering, Acıbadem University

Borda Academy has an environment where a person can develop themselves, learn something, and have a pleasant time at the same time. Borda provided the best environment to leverage our soft skills and technical skills.

2021, Istanbul - Berkay Arslan Gebze Technical University, Electronics Engineering

The academy project was an exciting challenge and allowed me to learn new technologies and professionally hone my technical and soft skills. It allowed the interns to take responsibility for the complete product development pipeline and work collaboratively to build a successful product. I want to thank the entire Borda, who mentored us throughout the internship and made the interns a part of the company culture. Through this program, I have grown as a software engineer and person, and I will cherish the beautiful experiences I have had here for a long time.

2020, Izmir - Hanzallah Azim Burney Computer Engineering, Bilkent University

Borda Academy program has been a unique and unforgettable internship for me; Borda is a company that encourages interns to think creatively and supports their career journey. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to do such an internship. The working environment and the warmth of the employees at Borda made me feel like I was a part of the Borda family from the very first day.

2021, Istanbul - İrem Yaren Aydın Biomedical Engineering, Işık University

Borda academy was very enjoyable. The synergy between my teammates and me was fantastic. I met many people interested in different fields and shared their experiences. I gained theoretical and practical experience in the field of project management. It has contributed significantly to my career development. It was an honor to participate in such a beautiful and enjoyable program. Borda academy's program hosted many different fields. Thanks to the mentors assigned to us, we reached knowledge faster. Many thanks to the Borda Academy program for discovering our new interests and opening our horizons. Thank you, everyone.

2021, Istanbul - Dilara Diz Econometrics, Çukurova University

Borda Academy Program was of such quality and full of training. We have a chance to research, practice, discuss with professionals about technical and other topics. The Academy program is awesome to improve soft-skills and hard-skills at the same time in the real-case project. Now, I am working as a part-time software engineer at Borda, it is very precious to be a part of this family.

2020, Istanbul - Ezgi Sarıkayak Electric and Electronic & Software Engineering, Bahcesehir University

Borda academy was the best internship I've experienced so far. During the academy, I've learned various topics regarding software development, and I was able to demonstrate my skills in the project. Together, we created a great team with my fellow academy members and had a really great time. I must thank Borda Technology for giving me this opportunity, and I must also thank my teammates who made this internship much more entertaining for me.

2020, Istanbul - Erdem Ünlü Management Information Systems, Yeditepe University

Borda Academy was the most unique internship I ever experienced. Working as a team and having our own work plan for our project, we experienced the everyday struggles of companies as the academy interns. This experience gave us technical and project management educations and experiences at the same time. I believe Borda Academy was a milestone for my career. I am so happy to experience being a part of the Borda family.

Istanbul, 2020 - Oya İlayda Yalçın Electrical and Electronics Engineering & Economics, Koç University

Borda Academy is one of the most unique internships I have ever experienced. Being able to act as our own company with other interns and developing a project from scratch was an invaluable experience. No matter which department you choose, I am sure you will learn a lot from all the training and project building.

2019, Istanbul - Hüseyin Aksu Management Information System, Bogazici University

The thing I liked the most about Borda Academy is how extensive and well-planned the internship program was. It gave me a platform to learn and work in a professional environment which helped me immensely in my growth as a software engineer. A big shout-out to all the employees at Borda and all my fellow interns. Being a foreigner, it would have been really easy to feel left out. But I would like to thank everyone for being kind and helpful every step of the way. I believe Borda Academy is the perfect package for all students and fresh graduates wanting to get a sense of the industry. My time at Borda was a wonderful experience and I will cherish it forever!

2019, Istanbul - Dawood Muzammil Malik Computer Engineering, Bilkent University

I have build up my computer engineer skills during my internship. I also learned about the culture of Borda Technology. I experienced about software processes in a project, layers of a project and to see how to so many software technologies work together in a harmonious manner in a project. I am so happy that at the end of my three-month internship experience I have worked with a great team and learned new technologies. At the end of the internship, I started working as a part-time software analyst at Borda Technology.

2019, Izmir - Meryem Meydi Computer Engineering, Izmir Institute of Technology
Borda Academy '23
Borda Academy '22
Borda Academy '21
Borda Academy '20

Colleagues from Borda Academy

Musa Antike, Embedded Software Team Lead

``Borda is a dynamic and sincere company that attaches great importance to Borda Academy members. Therefore, it sees the Borda Academy members who have recently joined the academy program as new family members who will actually fuel the wind and excitement of the company and makes it quite felt during the academy process.``

İrem Yaren Aydın, Quality Assurance Specialist

“Borda Academy program has been a unique and unforgettable internship for me; Borda is a company that encourages interns to think creatively and supports their career journey. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to do such an internship. The working environment and the warmth of the employees at Borda made me feel like I was a part of the Borda family from the very first day.”

Berkay Arslan, Embedded Software Developer

``Borda Academy has an environment where a person can develop themselves, learn something, and have a pleasant time at the same time. Borda provided the best environment to leverage our soft skills and technical skills.``

Onat Çınlar, Application Engineer

“Borda Academy was a very educational experience. In the first half of the internship, we learned many things from the training that will help us here and in every part of our lives. The second part was much more like a playground that we struggled to complete a product worth to our customers. We used the things we learned at the training, but they were engraved as precious experiences.”

Barış Esin, Junior Product Manager

``Borda Academy was a real 'Academy'. We were first given training according to our departments where we had the chance to communicate with and learn from Borda employees. Whenever we had a question or were curious about a topic, they made us feel like we could ask them anything and discuss it with them. Then, we tried to solve problems regarding our project subject...``

Gamze Elif Gülas, Project Management Specialist

``Borda Academy is a first-rate program designed to contribute vastly to its participants' professional and personal development. I`m happy to say I was part of the few selected for this internship program. During my short period of 3 months working in this company, I had the chance to experience true teamwork, and practice my leadership skills in a serious, dynamic, and supporting environment. I was able to benefit from the high accessibility to resources and advice from the experienced personnel supervising us.``

Boost your career with Borda Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Borda Academy program is completely free! In addition, our interns are paid an intern salary during this program.

You can apply to more than one program depending on your area of interest, but you will only be accepted to one department.

Suppose you are a senior student at the time of Borda Academy application and are graduating at the end of the program. In that case, you can apply to the new graduate training program.

Since the Borda Academy program is a comprehensive internship program covering the education and project period, we cannot plan this program during school or the semester break.

Borda Academy'24 applications will end on March 10. We do not have any limitations on the number of applications.

An advanced level of English is required for the admission of Borda Academy students and new graduates. You can communicate in English with all our employees, Borda Academy students, and new graduates.

Students from all classifications of universities can apply to Borda Academy; there are no restrictions.

You can complete your compulsory internships at Borda Academy, which you must meet to graduate from your University.

Borda Technology is a company with international employees and growing globally. Our academy graduates, an essential part of Borda Teknoloji, are expected to have professional proficiency in English.

An average of 20 students or new graduates participate in the Borda Academy internship program each year.

Borda Academy exams are prepared to measure your interest, curiosity, research skills, knowledge, and competencies. We recommend that you look at the exams and research the subjects within the given time. Answering all the questions is a plus; however, detailed research and answering a few questions may succeed you to the interview stage.

The interview language is Turkish. You will also be asked questions during the interview to measure your English proficiency level.

Hybrid participation in the Borda Academy program is expected. Physical participation in the project and product development process provides the advantage of increasing efficiency, according to our experience.

Full participation in the Borda Academy program is expected for three months.

Borda Academy's working hours are between 09:00-18:00 on weekdays.

Borda Academy is primarily planned for our interns and new graduates to improve themselves. You can access the training content designed on our website. The training takes about a month.

Borda Academy training is planned for the optional participation of all students and new graduates from all fields, although attendance is mandatory for the included department.

Please check our website for training details:

Borda Academy Training is planned according to the level of knowledge at all levels.

Most of the Borda academy training is given by Borda employees, which ensures a professional perspective. We refrain from creating advanced content so that the training appeal to all levels of students and recent graduates, which may be a disadvantage for students and new graduates with a previously advanced background, but repetition reinforces.

Borda Academy training will be held remotely; our students and recent graduates can attend from our offices.

Borda primarily uses C in embedded software systems, C++ when necessary, and Python for scripts.

Interns and new graduates from many different fields are admitted to Borda Academy. In the Borda Academy project, our diverse teams, according to their area, carry out project and product development studies as a single team.

You will have the chance to work with different departments during the Borda Academy training and project. If your area of interest changes, you can participate in another department.

In the Borda Academy program, all your questions are answered by the department employees you participate in, and support is provided for your career development. One-on-one mentor assignments have yet to be planned.

Borda provides all necessary equipment to Borda Academy. We have an engineer's workshop, and it is open for use.

You can have a productive academy by regularly attending Borda Academy training, communicating with your team, and asking Borda employees many questions.

After the Borda Academy training program, we proceed by making part-time or full-time offers according to their free time, taking into account the contributions of the Borda Academy during the training and project period and the employees' feedback in the departments they work with.

Offers are made to an average of 60-65% of the participants in the Borda Academy program.

In our recruitment, we prioritize cultural harmony as well as technical competencies. We want to continue to grow with our candidates who reflect the Borda culture, such as being curious, sporty, self-disciplined, able to take responsibility, and having open communication skills.

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